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We are The Landscapers

季節があるということ、 花を咲かせるということ、環境に順応するということ、生き延びるということ。
特に都会は、 人も植物も生きて行くのが過酷な環境、完全なるパワー不足。
でも人は、 自分の中にそのパワーを必要とするから、少しでも自然の中に身を投じ、また自分のそばに自然という 「形」 を置いておきたいと思う。
「The Landscapers」− 風景 (生活) を魅力的にする人たち。 
魅力とは生きる上で必要な力、 エッセンス。
それらを詰め込んで我々は、 グリーンを基軸に提案を続けていく。 
生活に寄り添う 「形」 だからこそ、 そっと生活に佇むような魅力のあるものを。 
それらと暮らす人たちがみな The Landscapers となるように。

You could learn many things from plants.
They remind you there are seasons, flower blossom, how to stay alive by adapting the environment.
Why people will get into plants more when they get older?
It is because they could feel there is much less vitality in the world comparing to the time when they were born.
We know we have to pay back to the nature in someday.
And we are getting ready for it.
I could feel every life in this world is connecting to each others.
However, in the days now it is difficult to find yourselves in nature.
Especially in cities, it is very difficult to live in this harsh environment even for human.
But for sure we must need the power from nature. What could we do is we could at least make our closest surrounding as a nature.
「The Landscapers」− People who make the view (live) attractive
Being attractive is one of the essences or need of living .
With above reasons, we will keep providing new ideas base on green.
Something attractive, in “the shape of nature” you could stay with it peacefully for daily life.
Every people who live with them could be The Landscapers.
At last, the green has nothing to do with fashion. 
They also have their own life. But, growing the green could be fashionable.
In that way it would be more enjoyable.

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